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Professional Translation and Interpreting Services

Professional Translation and
Interpreting Services

Have you been looking for a first-class specialist translator, interpreter, language expert or linguist? At AlphaLing we provide our national and international clients with very individual ‘made-to-measure’ translation solutions in all languages, carried out by authorised translators and interpreters. You will receive a professional proofreading service with every order. Our customers have trusted us for many years because of our prompt, extremely reliable and high-quality work.

Professionally qualified & certified

Many public bodies and companies have already expressed their trust in us having signed fixed contracts with us and booked us a number of times on several occasions. One reason for this: We work with qualified specialist translators and interpreters – all of them graduate, sworn or authorised. This is how we are working in all subject areas and in view of all languages we offer.

Our Approach to
our valued clients

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It’s way easier than you think! Our tried and tested method puts hard data at the forefront of lead generation and discovery.

Consult & develop strategy

We start by really listening to you to
understand your requirements.
Then we develop a winning,
insightful translations accordingly.

Set the right target

Our specialist translators and
interpreters weave their magic with
your key target audience in mind at
every step of the journey.

First class service
in reasonable deadlines

There’s always room for improvement in any campaign, and we believe in trying something out of leftfield for every client.

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Sectors we are
proficient in:


A technical translation must be precise, with an understanding of the content and specialist knowledge. We work with all of your technical requirements and translate: your software, app or web application on request

Banking and Finance

Frankfurt - New York - Tokyo? Banking and finance is a strongly international industry. Accordingly, our translators and interpreters are frequently assigned to these sectors and have the necessary professional experience.

Retail Industry

As a retailer, one of your primary goals is expansion - to achieve this, markets need to be expanded, new markets need to be developed. This is the intersection between products, marketing and customers.

Automotive Industry

There is scarcely another sector that relies as much on international sales markets and cooperation as the automotive industry. This applies to the B2B sector as well as to relations with end customers.

Processing Industry

Do you have the perfect product? Wonderful - but if you also address your target group that only gets you ahead. And that works globally today. Whether you are already active internationally or want to expand - we provide you with tailor-made language services so that your products get successful worldwide.


Sport itself is a language that unites people from many nations. At AlphaLing we speak sport! And any other language into which you need your sports translations.


Translations in the media sector are often particularly demanding and according to that main characteristic of such translation projects, they require optimized translation solutions. At AlphaLing, we guarantee an assured target-oriented, efficient and competent service for your media translation.


Are you looking for translators for law and legal texts? This specialist area requires particular specialist knowledge and a highly empathetic approach. We often encounter highly complex letters and documents that require every detail to be taken into account.

Why a translation agency / professional interpreter?

Lost in translation? Not with AlphaLing! Especially in the business world, it often becomes apparent that nowadays most people speak English. Nevertheless, problems arise when people of different nationalities negotiate in English – because language is more than factual statements, be they in the professional or private sphere. A professional translator or interpreter knows all the nuances of the authentic language usage and is familiar with the cultural context. This is indispensable, for example, in the case of specialist texts in the fields of business, law, medicine, or for the translation of documents, etc. A qualified translator or interpreter is able to provide the best possible service and ensures that customers and business partners are satisfied.
AlphaLing translators and interpreters who are sworn in / authorised / state recognised or have a degree in translation offer:

  • specialised knowledge and qualifications for business, law, medicine, technology etc.
  • first-class language and style of speech
  • certified translations
  • language expertises
  • telephone and video interpreting

Why AlphaLing?

Satisfied customers are our capital. As a translation agency, we are aware of our great responsibility and are firmly committed to high professional ethics. Finding an individual solution for your individual problem is particularly important to us. First-class service and empathy for your needs are absolutely a priority for us.

  • From private customers to major clients: we offer you individual support
  • All our interpreters have undergone a stringent vetting procedure by us and various authorities to acquire their accreditation; Our interpreter also have undergone strict, rigorous recruitment procedures including reference, qualification and DBS checks.
  • We translate and interpret into all languages ​​and dialects
  • We deliver flexibly, quickly, extremely reliably and observe agreements.
  • We deliver projects and products of the highest quality in style and content
  • We are available worldwide 24 hours
  • ll the specialist translators we work with have been personally assessed by us.
  • Our multilingual experts are also subject to further training to guarantee continuance of professional development. For our clients, this provides reassurance that the received high level of service is standard, regardless of region or language.
  • We will always find the perfect individual solution for you
  • We treat you with respect and protect your privacy
  • We comply with all relevant DIN and ISO standards and are an audited member of the AVPQ
  • Transparency and responsible approach

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